Day trip to Milton, Delaware

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Summer time has officially started and something we decided to do to kick off the season was a trip to Milton, Delaware.  Some would think that that's such a random city to go, Annapolis, Maryland or Washington D.C.? But the beer-enthusiasts would completely understand this decision, because we started Summer 2018 off with a beer tour at one of our favorite craft-beer breweries, Dogfish Head Brewery! We went all in by purchasing a $30/person tour that lasted about 2 hours long, showcasing the many ways they use culinary ingredients in their beer and the process in how they brew it! We tried many different beers plus a taste of their vodka that they would later turn into a delicious mule, which wasn't that bad, actually! It had a nice banana aroma and flavor to it.

So as many of you know, I live in southern Maryland... it was about a two hour drive to get to the brewery and I had to face a fear I wasn't really interested in facing that day.. The Bay Bridge. Now this bridge is about 4 miles long and we had some expected but also unexpectedly bad weather on our way home from Delaware... I'm not going to say that I didn't panic, but let's just say there was  little voice in the backseat of the car saying, "I think we should pull over and wait out the storm" as well as a "Is that a tornado starting?.." 

Anywho, we made it back home in one piece with a fun little memory. Here are some pictures of the day with some cool little spots to checkout if you manage to get to the tour too early and have some times to kill!


Voted Delawares best Doughnut spot, Gooey Donuts delivers a deliciously warm, freshly-fried donut per order! I'm not a cakey doughnut fan, but these were amazing and I'm truly missing the deliciousness.
They also have homemade "cronuts". Best I've ever had, it's so fresh and warm, and you can customize the toppings!
We also wanted to get breakfast for the friend who wasn't too into sweets.  The Suburban Farmhouse Coffee house was a cute 'hipster' coffee shop that offered a selection of breakfast sandwiches and treats! They had some amazing coffee options too, but none of us were feeling coffee that day (Crazy, I know!)
I did manage to grab a "cruffin" a croissant muffin combo. The cafe had three options you could choose from, Sausage and Egg, Tomato Spinach and Feta I believe? and Bacon and Egg.  I wanted the vegetarian option, but they had just sold the last one, so I opted for the bacon and cheddar which was so good! I miss it already... Worth going over a 4 mile long bridge again!

On to Dogfish Head!

    Then we got to the main attraction!

The Dogfish Head Tree house! You could totally tour this after the regular tour- unfortunately we never got the chance to see the inside since it was such a busy day.

They taught us about the 'Persian Lime" which is a dried up lime that spent most it's time out in the sun. It was an ingredient that they add to one of their beers. Our tour guide tossed these limes out to a few and we got to keep it
Our first tasting of the day! 60 minute IPA. Cheers!

Learning about how they made the Palo Santo beer, then a tasting

Next was the distillery part of the tour! We got to a taste of the vodka and then our tour guide made "Milton Mules" which were ginger and delicious. I want another.

Before the tour ended, our tour guide let us collect a Dogfish Head Pint glass as a souvenir and then sign a wooden strip. 

After the tour the guide gave us a card that allowed us to get a tasting of 4 different beers; from left to right:
Dragon + Yum Yums. Romantic Chemistry, Lupu-Luau, & Midas Touch.
All had a unique taste! The midas touch was the most interesting, I think.  A heavy grape after taste ^_^


After our tour and tasting we decided to grab a bite to eat before we headed back home. We found a cajun restaruant called 'Po Boy's Creole & Fresh Catch'
Pictured above was friend crawfish- and also my first time having crawfish .___.
They had all sorts of seafood options for your po'boy! I chose the fried oyster. Even though it only came with four oysters, THEY WERE HUUUUGE!! And super filling! 

I'd also like to take a moment to talk about one of my favorite little towns that had been affected by the storm I spoke a little bit about earlier... Historic Ellicott City has been hit HARD by the flooding of this storm that hit us on Memorial Day Weekend.  Some say its because of climate change, but anyone who has ever been to Ellicott City during heavy rainfall can see that flooding is a big issue here due to over development. Businesses have only recently opened back up from the last major flood back in 2016 and it breaks my heart to see all of the hardwork lost yet again. If you’d like to donate or volunteer to help rebuild Main Street in Historic Ellicott City you can visit here.

The Wanderlust

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Today was exactly a year ago since I first traveled out of the states. My fear of heights extends to flying so it's taken me awhile to travel anywhere outside of my own country, but luckily we had an opportunity (thanks to the in-laws <3)  to take a cruise, and as a means of transportation it really worked out in favor of my wanderlust-heart. We took a cruise on the Disney's Magic Dream, headed towards Nassau, Bahamas and then Disney's private island Castaway Cay (Pronounced Key?).  It was 4 days of a much needed adventure. As soon as we entered the ship, the lobby floor greeted us with magnificent stained glass and chandeliers everywhere. It was like walking onto a disney-themed Titanic! We explored the ship, finding delicious coffee spots with intricate siphon drip machines and a beautifully themed Wreck-It Ralph sweet shop called Vanellope! Once we settled into our stateroom, we met up with the rest of our family at the Cabanas buffet for our first on board lunch! This was available up until the ship set sail, I believe? And after learning about how to safely place life jackets, we all went up to the top deck where they greeted the adults with cocktails in cute souvenir glasses that you could grab (and quickly pay for) as you said farewell the the land dwellers while the ship set sail!

The first day we just spent the day sailing to our first destination and enjoying the sun on the pool deck, in the adults-only section, with strawberry daiquiris and piña coladas. Occasionally there would be a Moët &Chandon champagne stand near the pool, were I actually ended up buying a souvenir glass filled with Moët and strawberries.  In the kids area of the pool deck, there was a big pool with a slide that went OVER the ocean water in a clear tube, leading you to the larger pool where you'd find a giant movie screen playing all of the latest and most popular Disney movies. It was heavenly.

The second day we arrive at Nassau and saw some amazing sights. We didn't stay on the island for too long though, unfortunately.  Just long enough to see some close-to-the-port sights, to photograph literally everything I could, and to buy some souvinirs like conch shells and Tortuga rumcakes!

The third day we arrived at Castaway Cay where we spent the entire day enjoying all the excursions they had to offer.  We biked, scuba'd, tubed, and most of all... hammock'd!  They even had a huge BBQ for lunch!  I ended up red as a lobster and sun poisoned by 5pm, so by the end of the night where they would have "Pirate Night" on the ship, I was sick in bed and dehydrate as all hell, so I actually missed out on the! Though, luckily, the rooms were great to stay in as well since they had EVERY SINGLE DISNEY MOVIE AND SHOW YOU COULD THINK OF! Again, Heavenly.

The ship itself had a ton to see. On the lobby, there were stores like Tiffanys & Co., Cartier, some gift shops, and other fancy things I couldn't afford.  They had theaters you could watch Disney plays, movie theaters where they played the latest (sometimes before they even came out in theaters elsewhere) and most popular movies for free- we saw Beauty and the Beast there! However, the coolest place on the ship were the District Lounges. AH-FREAKING-MAZING! Between the Pink Room making you feel like you're lounging inside a bottle of Champagne surrounded in bubbly colors of pink and gold, and the Skyline lounge changing the wall scenery to different types of capitols across the world (music following!),  you'd think you were in a Harry Potter series. I wish I had taken photos of everything, but alas, my phone and camera only had a small space of storage leftover.  I'm kind of poor and can't afford new memory but also kind of a hoarder and refuse to delete space off of anything *insert the oh well emoji here*

The Enchanted Garden Restaurant. First night's dinner.

First night's dinner at the Enchanted Gardens restaurant.

First night's Dinner was Rotissery Chicken on top of mashed sweet potatoes. So ordinary yet so delicious!

Just another delicious food pic

Palo Brunch, a 21 and over restaurant. The buffet came with the entrees that I'll post later once I upload them to my laptop:) )
Palo Dessert we ordered 2 souffles, but Chocolate is my favorite ;) . We went for both dinner and brunch!
These dinners/brunch do not come with the cruise package, you have to add them to your dining :(
Docked at the Nassau Port, aint she purty??
Turn down service came every night while we were away during dinner. They always placed two delicious Ghirardelli chocolate squares somewhere in the room.
We got to stay in a room with a veranda so one of the nights we placed a room service order for a small breakfast the next morning right before the sun rose.  We'd get our coffee and meal ready, bring it out on to the veranda, and just watched the sun rise. Listening to the to waves clash against the ship and feeling that cool, misty breeze was the best way to wake up. 

The lobby of the cruise, I believe this was taken our last night? The views were always so beautiful! 

In the Bahamas, there were horses everywhere.  I believe these were trolleys, a lot looked malnourished and poorly taken care of.  I have more pictures like this, but this was just one that really sank my heart.

His beautiful paintings were all over the sidewalk. 

Casino in Nassau
I don't think I've ever seen actual coconuts on a tree before. I believe this was taken in Nassau?

Conch Shells being sold by the sea.  Many just caught them right there on the spot then sold them to you.

Nasssau, Bahamas

Scuba Diving in Castaway Cay using an underwater disposable camera (can't you tell? haha)

These were just a few of the photos I took on the cruise... I'm actually not finished uploading most of them to my computer even after a whole year.  Haha, oh well, you'll learn in time that I'm an extreme procrastinator. I'll upload more when I can, maybe? If you're interested in seeing more, that is.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful parents who help provide us such amazing vacations.  Our next big journey will be 7 days long... I can't wait to share with you the exciting trip and the photos with you then!  In the meantime I'm currently on a shopping quest for when the day comes <3 I'll be sharing a haul/lookbook for them when I can! I'm so extremely excited to share with you my adventures. Oh the places we'll go! Are you ready?
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Christmas Crinkle Cookies

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Tis the season!.... For cookies 😋

Today I'm going to share one of my favorite cookie recipes that I make every year! It's so versatile and so delicious that I'm sure they'll be a huge hit at any event! I'm going to show you my base crinkle cookie recipe and then 2  delicious flavors you can play around with using the base! Here we go!

Crinkle Cookies

Makes about 7 dozen cookies

  • 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons french vanilla extract
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup confectioners’ sugar

  1. In a medium bowl, mix together cocoa, white sugar, and vegetable oil. Beat in eggs one at a time, then stir in the vanilla. Combine the flour, baking powder, and salt; stir into the cocoa mixture. Cover dough, and chill for at least 4 hours.
  2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper. Roll dough into one inch balls with lightly oiled palms. I used a size 50 cookie scoop to portion the dough, a tablespoon or rounded teaspoon would also work depending on what size you like. Coat each ball in confectioners’ sugar before placing onto prepared cookie sheets. [Alternatively, try other ingredients like cinnamon-sugar or sprinkles.]
  3. Bake in preheated oven for 10 to 12 minutes. Let stand on the cookie sheet for a minute before transferring to wire racks to cool.

Peppermint Crinkle Cookies

Make the recipe above, but substitute peppermint extract in place of vanilla. Bake at 350 degrees F for 10-12 minutes. And your house will smell like a Christmas wonderland! Mmm.


Mexican Hot Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

This version was inspired by Martha Stewart's Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies.

Use the base recipe, but add 1/2 teaspoon of chili powder and 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon to your 1/2 cup of confectioners' sugar. Then roll your cookie dough in the sugar mixture and bake as directed. 

**For an extra kick, add a pinch of cayenne powder to the sugar mixture. 


Seriously, Crinkle Cookies are my absolute favorite to make.  I love to make new flavors with them. What do you make during the holidays that you love sharing with your family and friends?

My ThredUp experience

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Today I want to talk about how broke I am.  I work at an upscale retail store in an upscale town and yet I can't afford to work there.  I have only 3 outfits that would be considered "fashionable" to wear to work (thank you Target!), and quiet a few that I kind of wear and hope they don't say anything about how it's against the dress code.  And while the discount is amaze-balls, most of the clothing items we sell are still too expensive for me.  That's when I started looking for consignment shops and thrift stores in my area.  Sadly, there was about 1 upscale consignment shop near me and there were more Goodwills with an overwhelmingly amount of rails with clothing that was not ideal to wear to my job.  I would have had to travel about 45 minutes to an hour to the nearest consignment shop that sold the items my store sells and that just wasn't for me (although I did go to it once, and found some cute orange paisley pants and elephant earrings, but I digress...).

A few weeks ago I was browsing through YouTube and saw that Ingrid Nilsen posted about an online thrift shop she found called ThredUp.  I immediately noticed how ad-placing it was and realize that the store MUST have reached out to her to make this video, but I still went to their site to check out the hype, because I love Ingrid Nilsen and her recommendations. Funny how marketing works.  It looked really cool.  I could type the store names, designer names, colors, ANYTHING into the search bar and it would find related items.  I, then, got extremely excited when I typed into the search bar my what my job carries and saw that they had quite a few beautiful dresses that were originally $200, in store, for just $30 thrifted! I was able to zoom in on the picture and see where the flaws were at (because, again, these were thrifted items- items people no longer wanted and "sold" them to this site for a little extra cash rather than donating to a goodwill.) and some were a little more worn than others but it was great to know that I could see that before purchasing!

I found a beautiful maroon laced peplum dress from my store.  It must have been from last year as I was able to google the dress and find information on it still. It was perfect. It was stated "like new!" in the description and I couldn't see any flaws.  You guys... this dress had to have been about $168 originally, but it was selling for $33 on the site.  I immediately put it into my cart without hesitation. When I did that, a timer popped up stating that putting an item in my cart allowed me to hold it for 3 hours and no one else could purchase it before then. Essentially, this dress was put on hold by yours truly ^.^  It was reassuring while I did more research before paying.  This site was too good to be true!

(not ThredUp's picture because I didn't think to save it, but this was the dress I found ^.^)

I googled ThredUp to see about reviews, their BBB rating was high, but the reviews were poor.  I made me sad. Everyone stated how awful the pay-back was when they sent their items in, how they received less money than the items deserved or how the company didn't want the three bags of clothing someone sent in to consign.  I also noticed how all of the poor reviews were of people just sending in their clothes and not about buying from ThredUp, so I was still hopeful.

I continued my research and moved onto Instagram where I looked up ThredUp tags and noticed that most of ThredUp tags were of bloggers who had done a partnership with the company but spoke about how much they loved their items.  Now, I know I have a blog and that I'm writing about ThredUp today, but let me tell you...  I decided against reaching out to the company.  I wanted to make this review as unbiased as possible so anyone who reads this can have a calming factor when trying to decide if they should make that ThredUp purchase on the Vera Wang dress or that Anna Sui top they've fallen in love with.

If I'm hesitant on a purchase on a site I'm not familiar with, I always look to see if they accept Paypal, because if they don't: dey sketchy as hell.  To my relief they accepted Paypal-- woohoo!  I went through with the laced peplum dress purchase very nervously. "Well...$33 bucks isn't a total loss if this goes to hell..." I thought as my gut twisted when I clicked the 'proceed' button.  It was a fairly easy check-out process, the confirmation e-mail stated that I'd be receiving my package around Aug 23rd- Aug 27th, which was quite a jump in my opinion...  Unfortunately, it did not come to me around that time.  They sent me a "track my package" link and the date said August 30th... Sigh. It wasn't TOO bad of a delay but it definitely made me antsier because the dates seemed pretty off in the first place.

All-in-all, I'm happy to say I now have the lace peplum dress in my possession (since August 30th) and it. is. GORGEOUS. the flaws are very little.  There's some threading on the inside of the dress but you totally can't see it from an outsiders P.O.V. and it's so minuscule that it won't cause any damage to the dress itself.  I'm definitely going to continue purchasing clothes from this site.  I do hope that ThredUp can resolve the consigning part.  Giving people a little more deserving dollars for the clothes they probably spent hundreds on is nice.

**I think this site is definitely worth checking out. I'm absolutely in love with this dress, and secondhand shopping is great for the environment as well as your wallet.

Treat cho'self

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My Month of Pure Barre

Thursday, February 9, 2017

I usually don't do New Year resolutions, but this year I REALLY wanted to motivate myself to be better.  I wanted to be more independent and healthier.  I know, what a cliche resolution, right?  But it's not about making resolutions, it's about being better than before... My revelation just so happened to fall on the new year ;) . Over the summer I did Soul Cycle, in the city, about once a week to maintain the carb-overload I had taken in from working at a sandwich shop, but once a week did nothing for me but add stress to my already stressful days.  It did, however, motivate me to workout, by spending a ton of money on a class and feel horrible if I ever skipped a day. You know, the typical guilt trip-motivation?...But. It. WORKS!  So with that mindset, I knew I needed to look for a workout class closer to me so I would be able to go more often.  I set out to search for one via Yelp and, to my surprise, I found 3 Pure Barre locations, all within just 20 minutes of my home!

Pure Barre is a 55 minute full-body workout that focuses on hips, thighs, abs, and arms.  It's low-impact, which means it protects your joints by avoiding workouts that involve jumping or bouncing, but still a very fast and very effective way to achieve that dream-bod, by combining moves from Yoga, Ballet, AND Pilates!

The thought of working out in front of strangers terrified me-- at least Soul Cycle was dark enough that people couldn't see my cry, and loud enough so they couldn't HEAR my cries.  This was perfect.  I could work on my independence and my health both at the same time, so I chose the location that had the most convenient time-frame for me (noon ;P).  I was the first to arrive to the class, so I got to meet the owner (who would later be my instructor for my first class x___x) and the receptionist who was in charge of signing me in and letting me know about their deals.  The first class was $15 and there was also a new client package which was $99 for unlimited classes your first month there.  I chose just the $15 class to see how I liked it, and then later signed up for the $99 (they deduct the $15 for that package, anyway).

I cannot tell you how badly this class had kicked my ass. Who would have thought little pulses of movement would be SO effective.  You first start out with about a 10 minute warm-up that also works out your arms with weights (I chose to not use weights for the first half as I have zero upper-body strength, but later grabbed the 2lb for the last half of the arm workout).  The equipment we used were weights, resistant tubes, and a pure barre ball.  The soreness I felt the next day was insane, but it was an amazing feeling, knowing that I'm working on my strength and mindset in just 55 minutes!

What I loved the most were how friendly and personal the instructors are.  They learn your name as soon as you get there, they encourage you to stay motivated, and they keep you going by pointing out what a great form you have with a specific move.  If you can't a move down, they also don't call you out in public shame.  They turn their mic off, whisper to you so only you can hear, and they show you how to get that form perfect, in the nicest and most amazing way possible.  I immediately signed up for the whole month, bought sticky socks (so I never have to slide while planking again!), and downloaded their app so I could easily sign up for classes once they became available to me.

For my fourth class, I even managed to get a friend to try out a Platform class with me.  If you ever sign up for one of their unlimited classes a month package, I ENCOURAGE you to try a Platform class out at least ONCE.  It's Pure Barre on steroids.  If you need a more challenging class, Platform is the go-to!  They use all of the same equipment as a normal barre class, but they add (you guessed it!) a platform for extra cardio work.  You GUYS!  I could NOT handle that class.  At one point I hid in the bathroom, debating if I should stay there for the rest of the class, abandoning my poor friend who hasn't done barre in over 2 years... But I prevailed, and though I will NEVER try that again... It's def a must-try.

I just did my 10th class this past Wednesday (at 5:30am, no less!) and it's getting easier to understand the way barre classes work.  Each class is always different, always challenging your muscles, and always pushing you to do better.  It's been my favorite workout class yet.  I'm very sad that my contract is almost up and that I won't be able to afford the regular monthly package ($225/month), but these classes have shown me that I CAN workout, I CAN handle cardio, and I CAN be better. Never let your couch win! These classes have improved my breathing, my push-ups, my stretching (I can touch my toes again, guys!), and I can even feel muscle in my biceps! In just 3 weeks I've reached a few workout goals, and I've gotten used to doing something on my own.  I have Pure Barre to thank for that!

I hope my post has encouraged you all to get out there and try something new too!  Especially a workout.  Its been the one thing that has maintained my sanity as being a stay-at-home-wife.  Who knows, maybe next month I'll be writing solely about Platform (probably not.) ;P

Day 5 of Pure Barre
Interested in trying a class out?
Find a location near you!

The Multistick by Bite Beauty

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

If you're familiar with Influenster, then you'll know exactly how I was able to obtain three of these beauties to try out.  If not, I'm here to explain it to you! I recieved my Multistick by Bite Beauty voxbox complimentary thanks to Influenster! Influenster is a FREE word-of-mouth marketing social media site, which means that it relies heavily on its users to promote companies' products by sending them boxes for free. The "catch" is that you must review an honest opinion of whatever they send out to you, on your social medias and/or the companies websites. To help you keep track of how to review, they give you a list of activities to do, and in turn it helps you receive badges that will let you qualify for future boxes. It's honestly one of the bests sites out there.  For awhile, however, I was beginning to feel left out.  I felt as though I was doing a lot of work, reviewing products I've bought on my own, making lists, posting photos, and answering surveys as much as I could, and still never receiving any qualifications for a box... I almost gave up on the site... Until I qualified for this.  THIS right here is what has given me hope again. The Multistick by Bite Beauty!

BiteBeauty is available exclusively at Sephora, so it's a pretty big deal for Influenster to send these out to those who were lucky to qualify.  I am not, by any means, a makeup artist- I hardly know how to do my own make up- and you will see on my Instagram just that. This is an honest opinion in my own words, what I think about this product, in case anyone is on the fence about spending ridiculous amounts of money on makeup.  Here it goes!

 I received my Influenster box about a month or two ago and I was super excited to play with the three shades that were sent to me.

Cocoa - Was too dark of a shade for me, but certainly one I can use as eye shadow, but nothing more, unless I want a 90's goth look on my lips.

Blondie - Was a tan color so I decided that it would be BEST as a contour color, for a nice sun-kissed glow

Macaroon -  is my personal favorite shade, as it was much more versatile for my complexion.  I could use it as an eyeshadow, blush, and lip all in one.

Here, you can see the differences of the shades on my fair complexion. The top photo was without flash and the bottom was done with flash. First time swatcher here, so it got pretty uneven, but the top shade is Cocoa, middle is Blondie, and the bottom shade is Macaroon.

Can you see why I'm a bit hesitant to use Cocoa? I did, however, try it as a contour on my eyelids two weeks ago, and it wasn't bad at all.. The thickness of the stick (that's what she said-- WAHBAM) was hard to apply on the outer lids so I used my finger to smudge it on.  Now, I tend to have oily eyelids and when you use a cream that doesn't always work out, but I never noticed it ever wearing off or creasing, so this formula is already off to a great start!

Now.  If you haven't already guess, the Multistick by Bite Beauty is a silicone-free, pigmented stick that can be used as pretty much anything on your face. It applies like a cream but wears like a powder. It can be worn as a blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, contour-- anything really! The formulas are creamy and smooth, they glide right on, and they don't wear off quickly! Actually it's very hard to wash off:

This was my arm after scrubbing with just soap and warm water. This lets you know how long the product will last on your face for sure!

This breathable, blendable, buildable, formula comes in many universal shades that compliment all skin tones!

In this photo (which you can hardly tell- sorry!) I used Macaroon as a blush and Blondie as a contour.  I avoided Cocoa this time just because I was being lazy.

Overall I think these products are a great idea, especially for traveling purposes.  Did I mention their caps are magnetic, so you don't have to worry about them popping off in your purse and ruining your favorite Michael Kors bag?! It's truly worth the $24, as this company has thought long and hard about this product and how to make it headache-free for everyone! Kudos to them!

~*~Have you tried this product?  What do you think of them? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
~*~If you're interested in signing up to Influenster, use my link so we can stay connected <3

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